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Bug Zapper | Rechargeable Mosquito, Fly Killer Racket

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This fly and mosquito zapper makes it easier to catch bugs with its unique tennis racket design and electrical surface.

  • Kill bugs instantly: a single swing of these large versions of our best-selling zapper with a powerful 4, 000-Volt grid eliminates flies, mosquitoes, and other flying insects. Get rid of your old fly swatter and take the modern approach!

  • Large Surface: Unlike traditional fly swatters, it features a large surface so it’s easy to trap bugs in one swing.

  • Safe to touch: press the activation button on your bug zapper racket, and an indicator light glows. Should you or others touch This powerful pest control tool while it’s electrified, a triple-layer safety mesh protects you.

  • Materials: Nickel zinc-iron&Aluminum

  • Weights: 294g

  • Power: 0.8W

  • Voltage: 110-220V

  • Frequency: 50-60(Hz)

  • Charging Time: 8Hours

  • Working Time: 10 Days