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Magic Pool Chlorine Tablets For Pool

These solid tablets have chlorine that eliminates any type of bacteria and disinfect your pool

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Chlorine Tablets

Turn your pool into a crystal clear in this hot summer!

  • Our Magic Pool Cleaning Tablet effectively eliminates viruses, bacteria, algae organisms, odor, etc. in pool water.

  • The tablet designed to dissolve once in contact with pool water which lows chlorine to spread out. quickly through the floating dispenser for instant sterilization

  • lt can also prevent chlorine loss from direct sunlight while stabilizing it, reducing the use of other harmful chemicals.

  • This pool sanitizing tablet is a must-have item for your safer, cleaner, and more enjoyable swimming experience.


  • Safe & Non-Toxic 

  • Made of high-quality materials to eliminate viruses, protozoa, odor, and stains in the pool without causing skin allergy.

  • Strong Sterilization: Kills 99.9% of bacteria and control algae growth for effective cleaning and purification


  • Shelf Life: 24 months

  • Net: 100g