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Micro Precision Body & Facial Professional Hair Removal Kit

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Instant Razor-Free, Pain-Free Hair Removal!


Most traditional hair removal methods rely on razors, but Hair Removal Kit utilizes precision micro-oscillation Sensa-light technology to gently sweep away unwanted hairs at the surface of your skin. That means no more nicks, cuts or razor bumps. Instead, all you are left with is soft and smooth skin.


  • WORKS FOR THE WHOLE BODY - Sensa-light technology hair removal can be used anywhere on the body from your face, arms, legs, and even your bikini line. Individuals of all skin tones can benefit from its use. Ideal for both men and women, the Hair Removal Kit is an instant, pain-free hair remover.

  • GENTLE - Hair Removal Kit delivers the ultimate grooming tool. The device uses advanced Sensa-Light technology to easily remove hair from all parts of your body in one step, while effortlessly following your contours for the best hair removal experience possible.

  • NO PAIN - It is safe on all skin types. The micro-oscillation technology sweeps away all of the unwanted hair in one strokewithout pain or irritation unlike other types of hair removers.


  • Battery Voltage: 3.7V

  • Battery Capacity: 380MA

  • Working Current: 0.25A


  • 1 x GlideAway Hair Removal Kit