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Portable Electric Heater - 500W Portable Space Heater

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This revolutionary portable heater quickly heats up any room using 30% less energy compared to regular heaters. It's so small that you can take it anywhere with you, including to the office. You can be warm and toasty in seconds!

  • Distributes Heat Quickly

    No need to wait an hour for your central heating system before you can start feeling warmer.

  • Noise-Free & 100% More Safe

    Safety features and noise-free operation make the Alpha Heater safe for use with kids and pets in the home.

  • Cut Down Expensive Electricity Bills

    Portable Heater uses energy-efficient and cost-effective ceramic heating technology that warms you up where you are.

  • Keeps Children and Pets Safe

    Portable Heater features tip-over protection and overheats protection technology so it’s safe to use in your home.


  • Warms Up Quickly
  • Easy To Use
  • Completely Portable
  • Energy Efficient
  • Tip-Over & Overheat Protection
  • Noise-Free Operation


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Don't risk burning yourself or a loved one on smoldering hot heaters that cost hundreds every month. Instead, be safe and cozy with Alpha Heater! Quantities are limited, so be sure to order right away!