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Small Viking Axe Game

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  • All the thrill of axe throwing, in a pint-sized package

  • You'll never play darts again!

  • Includes three tiny axes forged by Thor himself

  • Chunky wooden stump target with handy hanging rope

  • Comes with a hessian sack to stow away your miniature weaponry

We've come a long way as a species, and we're pretty grateful we no longer have to strangle wild boar with our bare hands or murder each other just to keep the Norse Gods sweet!

But every now again we find ourselves getting a hankering for some seriously old-school pursuits – like Axe Throwing.

The Small Viking Axe Throwing Game downscales this timeless activity to a more manageable size so you can enjoy it at home (ideally in the garden!). The set comes with three dinky little axes as well as a chunky tree stump target for you to hang up and hurl them into.

Please Note:

  • 18+ only - these puppies are sharp!

  • Please don't actually drink mead while throwing them!

Product Features:

  • Miniature axe-throwing set

  • Includes three little axes

  • Chunky wooden stump to hurl them into

  • Manual included so you can enjoy the game safely


Don't let their size fool you, the axes are still super sharp with plenty of heft to them. And after extensive play-testing, we can confirm that they are exceedingly satisfying to throw!