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Solar Powered Bug Zapper Mosquito Killer Lamp For Indoor Outdoor Use

Save money on electricity and batteries when you switch to these amazing Solar powered bug zappers

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  • Effectively Kills Flying Insects: Our new solar bug light zapper features an improved wave band that is even more attractive to outdoor flying insects such as mosquitoes, moths, and flies. It immediately kills them to promote peace & quiet and safeguard your family

  • Saves You Money: Bug zapper is fully solar-powered, greatly reducing your utility bill and eliminating the costs associated with battery-operated bug killers. Works

  • As A Garden Light: The mosquito killer lamp, giving you the option of using it as decorative accent lighting for your porch, yard, patio, yard, or driveway. A built-in photocell automatically turns on the machine at night

  • Carry It Anywhere: Completely wireless, you can easily carry the rechargeable bug bite zapper out camping or fishing. The dual functionality keeps annoying bugs at bay and gives you adequate light to see what you’re doing

  • Easy To Install: You can choose to either hang the electric bug killer using the ring at the top or drive it into the ground using the included stake in mere minutes. We’ve used high-quality ABS plastic in design to ensure maximum durability.