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Sothing Cactus Shape Mosquito Lamp Trap

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Use neat lines to outline abstract cactus shapes.

The concise shape structure, while carrying the functionality of the product, also like a pot of greenery plant.

Integrate into the home environment without any trace.

  • Outstanding Design: Like a pot of greenery plant, Integrate into the home environment without any trace.
  • 365nm bionic violet light wave: The Mosquito killer use 365 NM wavelength UV light which havs deadly attraction to mosquito and insects.
  • Built-in Fan: It has a built-in streamlined 360-degree suction fan, and mosquitoes approaching the flight from any direction will be sucked into the insect trap.


  • Easy to clean: Just remove the mosquito trap box, large-capacity mosquito storage box can easily remove and deal with dead mosquitoes with a simple twist.


  • Portable: A USB power supply makes it easy to carry and can be used in bedrooms, halls, hotels, offices, travel, camping and any places where mosquitoes need to be killed.

  • Product size: 120 * 120 * 150mm.

  • Product weight: 307g.

  • Input interface: micro USB.

  • Input voltage: DC5V 0.3A.

  • Rated power: 1.5W.